NATO and Russian Military Exercises

A couple of months ago, this article by the Atlantic Council highlighted the NATO-Russian exercise gap, comparing some statistics for significant military exercises performed in recent years. With this fact sheet compiled by the Atlantic Council as a basis, we gathered all relevant statistics we could find for a total of 30+ major military exercises since 2013 (meaning they involved at least thousands of personnel).

This is an ongoing project collecting available information about major military exercises. If you have spotted news about NATO or Russian military exercises that are not included in this database, please let us know via 

Major military exercises by Russia and NATO (members) 
Page Title
Main locations
Aircrafts involved
Personnel involved
Main locations
NATO: Anakonda 2014Drawsko Pomorski, Poland25NATO member12,500Drawsko Pomorski, Poland
NATO: Arctic Challenge 2015Bodø, NorwayRovaniemi, FinlandKallax, Sweden100NATO4,000Bodø, NorwayRovaniemi, FinlandKallax, Sweden
NATO: Baltops 2014Baltic Sea50NATO5,600Baltic Sea
NATO: Baltops 2015Baltic Sea61NATO5,600Baltic Sea
NATO: Bold Alligator 2014Norfolk, VA, United StatesNATO member15,000Norfolk, VA, United States
NATO: Cold Response 2014Nordland and Troms, NorwayNATO member16,000Nordland and Troms, Norway
NATO: Joint Viking 2015Finnmark, NorwayNATO member5,000Finnmark, Norway
NATO: Joint Warrior 2013Scotland70NATO member12,000Scotland
NATO: Joint Warrior 2014 part 1West Coast, ScotlandEast Coast, Scotland70NATO member13,000West Coast, ScotlandEast Coast, Scotland
NATO: Joint Warrior 2014 part 2Moray, Scotland52NATO member3,500Moray, Scotland
NATO: Noble Jump 2015 part 1NetherlandsCzech RepublicNATO1,500NetherlandsCzech Republic
NATO: Noble Jump 2015 part 2Zagan, PolandNATO2,100Zagan, Poland
NATO: Noble Justification 201437.177826,-0.233595NATO5,00037.177826,-0.233595
NATO: Noble Ledger 2014Landsorkje, NorwayNATO6,500Landsorkje, Norway
NATO: Saber Junction 2014Hohenfels, GermanyNATO member5,800Hohenfels, Germany
NATO: Saber strike 2014Riga, LatviaNemencine, LithuaniaTartu, EstoniaNATO4,700Riga, LatviaNemencine, LithuaniaTartu, Estonia
NATO: Saber Strike 2015Nemenčinė, LithuaniaNATO6,000Nemenčinė, Lithuania
NATO: Spring Storm 2013Harju County, EstoniaNATO member4,000Harju County, Estonia
NATO: Spring Storm 2014EstoniaNATO member6,000Estonia
NATO: Steadfast Jazz 2013LatviaPolandNATO6,000LatviaPoland
NATO: Trident Joust 2015BulgariaCincu, RomaniaNATO1,200BulgariaCincu, Romania
Russia: Central Military District exercise 2015Komi republic, Russia250Russia12,000Komi republic, Russia
Russia: Eastern and Central Military District exercise 2013Sakhalin region, Russia130Russia160,000Sakhalin region, Russia
Russia: Northern Fleet 2015Kaliningrad, Russia220Russia80,000Kaliningrad, Russia
Russia: Paratroopers exercise 2015Pskov, RussiaRussia2,000Pskov, Russia
Russia: Southern Military District exercise 2013Black SeaRussia7,000Black Sea
Russia: Vostok 2014Kamchatka, Russia120Russia155,000Kamchatka, Russia
Russia: Western and Central Military District exercise 2014St. Petersburg, RussiaYekaterinburg, RussiaRussia150,000St. Petersburg, RussiaYekaterinburg, Russia
Russia: Western Military District exercise 2 2014Kaliningrad, Russia41Russia9,000Kaliningrad, Russia
Russia: Western Military District exercise 2013St. Petersburg, Russia185Russia8,700St. Petersburg, Russia
Russia: Western Military District exercise 2014Kaliningrad, RussiaRussia65,000Kaliningrad, Russia
Russia: Zapad 2013BelarusRussia70,000Belarus

Showing military personnel involved in major NATO and Russian exercises by location. Some exercises were performed on multiple locations and the corresponding bubbles refer to the same number of military personnel.

Personnel involved by military exercise

Sorted by start date of military exercise.

Russia personnel involved by month

NATO personnel involved by month

Some indicators compared

An interesting and relevant indicator is the scheduling of the military exercise. All NATO and NATO-member exercises were scheduled and publicly announced in advance. In contrast, 70% of Russia's exercises were surprise exercises, sprung upon the outside world and Russia's generals alike by the Kremlin.

Military exercises: announced in advance or surprise exercise?

Average personnel involved

Average aircrafts involved

Average duration between exercises

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